Dear fellow Members, Landowners, Farmers:
We are writing to bring you up-to-date on the Associationís recent activities.

Raubsville Sportsmenís Club Website
Club website address is: http://www.raubsville.com/ The site includes information on club events, announcements, trophies, winning lottery numbers, photos, and interesting links to outdoor web sites.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Landowners and Farmers for the privilege of hunting their properties. We would like to encourage the members to stop and talk to the Landowners and to tell the Landowners who you are when hunting their property. Safety is always our first responsibility!

Special Hunting Regulations on Club Lands
There will be NO doe hunting on the Horth property during license year 2017. All memberís treestands must be removed from Horthís property two weeks after the deer season ends in January. All members should have their names on their tree stands.

There will be
NO doe hunting on the Nehoda property during license year 2017. Buck hunting will be allowed using archery equipment or shotguns only, no rifles and no muzzleloaders.

McGovern/Pichel Farm
No hunting north of Lower Saucon Rd. (the side the Farmhouse is on).
No wooden tree stands,
No waterfowl hunting at the pond, No turkey hunting, there are horses on the property and other farm animals so be safety-minded.

Turkey Hunting in 5B, 5C, and 5D
Members should be reminded the fall turkey season is closed in game units 5B, 5C and 5D.

Pheasant Stocking
The club is stocking 160 pheasants during the fall small game season.

Youth Pheasant Hunt
The club will sponsor the 8th annual Steve Licenti Memorial youth pheasant hunt at Echo Hollow on November 5th. We will need volunteers to staff the event to make the day a success.

Contact Jeff Grube for posters (610) 253-5961. Posters will be available at the October meeting and we would like to have land posted by the end of October. New members are required by the by-laws to either: participate in land posting, delivery of fruit baskets in December, or a boat ramp work detail.

Boat Ramp
A boat ramp pass is needed to use the ramp and must be displayed in the vehicle. Please be courteous and abide by the ramp rules. Contact Rick Lavoie (908) 552-5084 for a pass and a copy of the rules.

The annual turkey drawing will be held at the November 9th meeting. Contact Mark Weidner for tickets (484) 256-2275. The club has been selling splatter boards for meat or cash prizes contact Bruce Rice (610) 838-0578 if you wish to sell a splatter board.

Junior Conservation School
The club sponsors a teenager between the ages of 14 and 17 years old to attend the Junior Conservation School in July. We will be accepting applications for July, 2017 in the spring, preferably by the May meeting. If no memberís or landownerís or farmerís children or grandchildren apply, we will sponsor a student from the area not affiliated with the club.

Officers for 2017:
President Bill Weidner (610) 258-9742
Vice President Jeff Grube (610) 253-5961
Treasurer Paul Apple (610) 252-0257
Recording Secretary Dru Germanoski (610) 691-3932
Corresponding Secretary Darren Apple (610) 261-7242
Committee Chairmen:
Splatter Boards Bruce Rice (610) 838-0578
Drawings/Printing Mark Weidner (484) 256-2275
Lottery Jimmie Jarrell (610) 984-2637
Posting Jeff Grube (610) 253-5961
Boat Ramp/Fish Rick Lavoie (908) 552-5084
Membership/By-laws Steve Warner (610) 252-8090
Trophy Dru Germanoski (610) 691-3932
Game Bruce Rice (610) 838-0578
Banquets Steve Warner (610) 252-8090
Fruit Baskets Carl Nicholas (610) 253-5101
Fish and Game Judges:
Paul Apple (610) 252-0257
Matt Erdie (610) 759-6328
Steve Warner (610) 252-8090

Monthly Meeting
The Raubsville Sportsmanís Association meets the second Thursday of each month at 8:00 pm at Casa Crivellaroís at 1690 Morgan Hill Road. Landowners and Farmers are welcome to attend.

Donít forget to check out the club website: http://www.raubsville.com/